Chloe the Beagle Visited us in Folsom

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There can be no doubt that dogs like Chloe, pictured here with her human at our Folsom clinic, are some of the most sturdy and durable and stable pets of all. Beagle types date back thousands of years but the current form dates to 1830s England where they were bred for hare hunting which is all about the entertainment and not really about bringing home trophy rabbits. There were and are larger and faster hunters than Beagles but these smaller dogs with an excellent nose and good spirit for the chase provided a whole day’s hunting excitement for hunters who were more interested in the chase than the actual kill. They are smart, trainable and today they are known to be tireless about alerting to intruders. For this reason, they are an ideal dog for back yard protection provided the neighbors don’t mind the famous Beagle Bark. So Chloe, how about one good baying howl just for the fun of it! – Geoffrey Antipa



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