Roscoe the Border Collie Visited us in Placerville

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Here at our Placerville clinic is a great classic looking ç named Roscoe along with his attendant human. There is a lot to be said for Border Collies which are a (sheep) herding dog developed in the English-Scottish border region 130 years ago. They are superb herders and are by all accounts the most intelligent and trainable of all dogs. On top of that, their devotion and loyalty to their owner are legendary. That’s good news. On their other hand, there can be some annoying news unless these dogs are kept busy, given exercise and given plenty of attention. If left to their own devices, Borders can entertain themselves by inventing destructive diversions or by just plain acting out. The Border Collie is an excellent and persistent working dog which always wants to chase or heard anything that’s moving. They have a phenomenally agreeable temperament and at our clinics, we can always count on them to be attentive to their human’s wishes. Any owner who wants a devoted pet which can learn almost anything and which will be a closely bonded partner will be richly rewarded by a productive relationship with a Border Collie. Remember to watch out for those individual dogs with Piebald or excessively white faces or double merle genetics as these colorations can be associated with deafness and other problems. – Geoffrey Antipa



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