Cheerio The Mixed Pup Visited us in South Sacramento

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Here we are at our South Sacramento clinic in the Freeport area and we have a perfect portrait of Cheerio with his tongue hanging out. Oh well, what else can we expect from a dog? A nice sweet little guy like Cheerio has his dedicated human to thank for bringing him to the clinic and now he’s sure to be protected against the nasty diseases which can be a risk for puppies like he. His breeding is Chihuahua and Terrier and by his size and looks, there is a good chance that the Terrier was a Jack Russell. A Chihuahua mixed with Jack Russell would be a real handful and a lot of fun to have around: Both breeds are busy and both breeds are highly interactive. While the Chihuahua may be oversensitive and therefore aggressively self-protective, the Jack Russell is supremely confident and just interested in having fun and chasing. The combination of these two breeds provides a nice balance of characteristics as long as fun and activity are what the humans are looking for. Cheerio is a good one and we look forward to seeing him again next month. – Geoffrey Antipa



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