Jaxx the Pitbull Visited us in Woodland

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Here at Woodland is a picture of Jaxx the young Pitbull mix and his favorite young human. We don’t know his other breeding but those long legs and the looks of his muzzle suggest that perhaps his breeding includes some Boxer. That would be a good reason for him to be a well-balanced dog with a well-balanced personality. An agreeable temperament will be important as he grows to the size and strength expected from his appearance. Until the mid 19th century in England, Pitbulls were a variety of Bulldog used in the bull baiting pits and for that reason they had to be ferocious, fearless, strong and oblivious to pain. In the nearly 182 years since sports fighting was outlawed, the Pitbull has been put to many uses and its temperament has been significantly softened. Pitbulls do, however still possess a bit of the old fighting instinct so it is important that a young Pitbull come from a blood line which is known for its gentle temperament and it is equally important that the owner of a Pitbull puppy do plenty of training and early socialization. Jaxx looks like a good one and we will look forward to seeing him again next month. – Geoffrey Antipa



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