Stormy The Siberian Pup Visited us in Carmichael

Big dogs, little dogs and little dogs who will be big dogs at

Who is that masked dog with the blue eyes at our Carmichael clinic? A mask and blue eyes can only mean one thing – that Stormy is a Siberian Husky! We have seen more Huskies in the last 4 years than in all our preceding 37 years combined and I finally learned from a client (who watches more TV than we do) that the reason is the direwolves in ‘Game of Thrones’. We can’t say much about the fictional Direwolves, but we do know that Huskies are real working dogs who are derived from dogs which can endure the most difficult Arctic environment and can work harder than almost any other breed in the world. Real Huskies (as opposed to CG Huskies) have a significant requirement for socialization, for good early training and for a lifetime of adequate exercise with good human supervision. And a note about Direwolves: The ones on TV are computer generated but there were actually real living Dire Wolves roaming North America from 10,000 to 100,000 years ago and we can still see their skeletons in the museum at the La Brea tar pits in southern California! – Geoffrey Antipa



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