Callie the Rhodesian Ridgeback Visited us in Pittsburg

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Hybrid Vigor! Here at Pittsburg is a picture of Callie who is a mixed Lab, Pitbull, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. We took a picture of Callie 2 years ago when she was a puppy and now here she is all grown up and looking good. When a dog has mixed breeding we can expect good things: THe principle of ‘Hybrid Vigor’ refers to the predictability that a cross between various parental types, whether they be plants or animals, can often yield results which have more of the strengths and fewer of the weaknesses than either of the parents. And this brings up the opportunity to remind everybody that when it is time to look for a new canine addition to the human family we should always remember all the deserving and often crossbred pets just waiting at the animal shelter for the right human to come by. – Geoffrey Antipa



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