Nota the German Shorthair Pointer Visited us in North Highlands

Lots of dogs bring their humans to our pet vaccination clinics

Nota the German Shorthair Pointer brought her human along with her for her vaccinations at our North Highlands clinic. THe GSHP is one of our favorite breeds because we have one and she has proven to be the best dog I have ever met in my whole life. Look at Nota’s posture and you can see it all: She’s alert and quick-witted, physically fit, co-operative and loves the close association with her human. What you can’t tell by looking at her is that not only is she physically fit, but she and all of her kind are perhaps the most active dogs of all. Pointers love to run. . . and run . . . and run. Then after miles of nonstop running a mere five minutes of rest is enough to recharge and then do it all over again. And repeat all day long! Same goes for the Frisby games, ball games, bicycle chasing and, . .ahem . . , cat chasing. Pointers have a strong prey drive and that coupled with their boundless energy can create predictable problems. (ours once dug-chased a gopher all throughout our freshly planted lawn but wasn’t much help when I had to replant it next day. The Pointer was bred to use sight and scent to range over a wide territory to find hiding birds. THe properly trained hunting Pointer will then freeze, lift one front leg and lean forward like a weather vane pointing in the exact direction of the hidden birds. When the hunter finally arrives the dog is supposed to wait then flush the birds into the air. In our experience the Pointer loves the chase but is not really interested in catch and kill so for them the sport is in the search for prey. Pointers are too friendly to be much use as guard dogs but they make the best companions ever. In exchange we humans owe a pointer daily exercise and near constant interaction and attention. – Geoffrey Antipa



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