Aala is a Anatolian Shepherd Who we Saw in Auburn

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Here at our Auburn vaccination clinic is a formidable and impressive dog. Aala is an Anatolian Shepherd and that is a dog which has long been trusted to guard livestock against the worst of predators. The Anatolian Shepherd is an ancient dog probably derived from the Akbash dogs of Anatolia which is the central Turkish plain. It is now widely accepted that the Anatolian is actually the same dog as the Turkish Kangal which was once thought to be its predecessor. The Anatolian Shepherds are large, fearless, muscular and fast and were specifically intended as livestock guardian dogs in an area where the livestock were threatened by wolves, bears. lions, tigers, and leopards. It is said of them that two Anatolians can hold off a whole pack of wolves and Anatolians are known to be fast enough to run down and catch marauding predators. Anatolians are independent, like to roam and should be trained by competent trainers/owners. – Geoffrey Antipa



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