Daisy & Wil-E the Black Forest German Shepherds Visited us in Placerville

Here at our Placerville vaccination clinic, we have an impressive pair of  German Shepherds named Daisy and Wile who are great examples of the original European type.  The owner mentioned that they are Black Forest Shepherds and their appearance is very much like the Belgian type Tervuren Shepherd. (This is not to be confused with the Belgian Shepherd or Malinois)  Next time we will have to talk more about their lineage.  All the German Shepherds are known as brilliant learners, capable and dedicated to purpose when trained to a job.  The German Shepherd has developed in mid 19th century Germany from herding dogs.  The breed has always been good as a guardian dog, a herding dog, a companion dog and since WWII as a police and working dog for search and rescue.  One characteristic of German Shepherds is that they seem to have a requirement for training and work otherwise they can become unhappy and develop negative personality traits.  On the other hand, there are many of the European-style Shepherds who are specifically bred for stability and predictability.  When considering a German Shepherd, be sure to consider physical condition as there are musculoskeletal problems which plague many un-certified dogs.  Also, consider the personality traits which the breeder is known to produce and then plan to train your Shepherd conscientiously and to maintain that training throughout the dog’s life. – Geoffrey Antipa



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