Athena the Boston Terrier Visited us in Folsom

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Athena is a little Boston Bull Terrier who, along with her human, came to our Folsom pet vaccination clinic. As is the case with all Bostons, Athena’s eyes are set wide apart and will be very large. In fact, the Guinness record for the largest eyes on any dog is proudly held by a Boston named Bruschi. One side effect of the Boston’s unusual placement of the eyes is that it is not uncommon for Boston puppies to display a bit of ‘walleye’ or lateral strabismus when they are young. Athena’s coloring is of the unusual light or ghosted tone but the distribution is exactly what it should be. The dark patterns with the white breast are typically referred to as the ‘tuxedo’ pattern and the white blaze centered on the face is one of the breed characteristics. Bostons make wonderful pets as they were bred for human companionship, are loving, quiet, well behaved when trained and, of course, because they are relatives of Bulldogs they are a little bit stubborn. Bostons are muscular and athletic and love playing with anyone and especially children. We in our family have had two Boston Terriers one after the other during the years the children were growing up and we still miss those dogs. They were wonderful. – Geoffrey Antipa



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