Maia the Doberman Pinscher Visited us in Turlock

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Maia the Doberman Pinscher came along with her young human to get her vaccinations at our Turlock clinic in December. Looking at this picture, it is easy to see Maia’s typical Doberman temperament: She’s in a state of peak alert and is intently focused on whatever is the off-camera diversion. The Doberman breed was developed in late 19th century Germany by Karl Dobermann using a variety of breeds possibly including Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Great Date, German Shepherd, and others. His goal was to produce a more effective personal guard dog and in this respect, he was quite successful. The Doberman was known for it’s the aggressive attitude towards intruding people and during WWII was used as a military and police dog. Since those days Doberman Pinscher breeding has been aimed at calming their temperament and making them more predictable. Some of these dogs still exhibit a very sensitive and ‘jumpy’ personality while others are as calm as an average dog. As household pets, Doberman Pinschers should be suitably socialized and consistently trained. – Geoffrey Antipa



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