Dakota the Australian Shepherd visited us at Our Fairfield and Suisun Clinic

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Here at our Fairfield and Suisun vaccination clinic, we have this portrait of an absolutely perfect looking Australian Shepherd named Dakota with his human friend. There is a surprise about the naming of the Australian shepherd and that is that the Aussie is not from Australia! They were developed in the US from English herding dogs like the English Shepherd and Border Collie which, in turn, are related to Collies and the Shetland Sheepdog. These were common herding dogs as early as 1800 and the name derives from the fact that they were associated with the movement of flocks of sheep which were imported from Australia. Australian Shepherds have always been and are still incredibly capable dogs but after the period of sheepherding in the earlier 20th century, they were mostly neglected until the emergence of popular western horseback riding after WWII. In that time period, the breed was closely associated with horseback riding and horse shows and eventually became stars at dog agility competitions. They continue to carry all the traits for which they were originally bred and have proved to be skilled at many physical and intellectual tasks, are trainable, willing, loyal and reliable. Aussies make good working dogs, service dogs, agility and competition dogs and above all else, they make good loyal friends to their human family. – Geoffrey Antipa



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