Boston Terrier Puppies Ready for Homes in Roseville/Citrus Heights

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Look! Here in the Roseville and Citrus Heights area are two Boston Terrier puppies who are ready for new homes! Note that the condition of lateral strabismus or ‘walleye’ is not at all uncommon in the brachycephalic breeds and is perhaps more common in Bostons than any other breed. In other dogs, the walleye condition can be the result of trauma or disease but in a young Boston Puppy, it is clearly a genetic condition which is directly related to the architecture of the face and the muscles which attach the eye to the orbit. Thus in Bostons, we do not associate this condition with other pathology. If you would like to talk to the owner about purchasing one of these two little cuties, please request their phone number from us via the contact form on our website at Note that we only share owner information with people who contact us directly via our website at – Geoffrey Antipa



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