Max the West Highland White Terrier Visited us in Galt

Another small white dog but with a completely different purpose than yesterdays. see more at

At our Galt vaccination clinic, we have a picture of Max the West Highland White Terrier and his loyal human. The Westie is not a breed we see very often at our clinics and although Max’s coat is clipped his face is a perfect example by which we can remember the breed. The West Highland White is a cousin to the Scottish Terrier. It dates back to 16th century Scotland and of course, like all terriers, was originally a working dog intended to control rodents. Westies are active and playful and make good family pets and are pretty reliable with children although they can be excitable so some restraint on the part of the children might be warranted. Like all terriers, they love to chase and to play with toys and like almost all terriers they can be a little stubborn and so require maintenance of their training. – Geoffrey Antipa



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