Shico the Dachshund Visited us in Roseville/Citrus Heights

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Shico is a decoratively colored Dachshund who brought his owner with him to our Roseville and Citrus Heights vaccination clinic. While the term ‘Harlequin’ usually applies to Great Danes, it references dark patches on a light background so this is not the correct description for Shico’s colors. He displays 3 colors, Black, Tan and white flecks in his coat and that’s not counting his age-related grey muzzle. So his coloration could be called a tri-color merle or dapple. At any rate, he is a good looking dog with plenty of color and an obviously close relationship to his human. Doxies have a long history as hunting dogs and specifically, badger hunting dogs so their breeding is somewhat unique among the working dogs. To create a dog suitable for the fast-moving and dangerous work of finding and chasing badger into its den and then holding the badger there while waiting for the hunters, the Dachshund was bred from both scent hound and terrier stock. This has produced a dog with tracking instincts, a feisty attitude and an independent streak. This all amounts to a lot of fun to have as a family dog but perhaps not the most trainable breed out there. – Geoffrey Antipa



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