Simba the Toy Poodle Visited us in Natomas

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At our Sacramento vaccination clinic in the Natomas area, we were visited by Simba the Toy Poodle and his attending human. The Toy Poodle stands under 11 inches at the shoulder and is considered to be the same as a Miniature Poodle but for its smaller size. The Toy has the characteristics of its larger relative: It has minimal prey drive, is not terribly good in water and has a history as a house pet and lap dog. It seems unlikely that a Toy Poodle, in contrast to its cousin the Miniature, could serve duty as a truffle hunter or any other kind of hunter! Toys have always been lap dogs and they are very good in that role. All the Poodles shed minimally, are considered hypoallergenic and require grooming. Poodle hair can grow in several forms from wooly to the course and curly to soft wavy. – Geoffrey Antipa



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