Romeo is a Hungarian Visla Who Visited us in Rocklin

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Here’s a picture from our Rocklin Roseville clinic but the dog is from Hungary. Romeo is a Hungarian or Magyar Visla, or referred to as just Visla and he brought his human along with him for his vaccinations. The Visla dates as far back as the 10’th Century when they were used, along with falcons, for hunting by the Magyar tribes of the Ural Mountains. The Magyars are among the tribes which united to form Hungary and this is the reason the Visla has two identification names. They are the smallest of the pointer/retriever group of dogs and are often confused with other dogs. Besides their body shape, they can be differentiated by the fact that their coat, nose, eyes, and nails all share the same color tones and blend with each other. Vislas are particularly affectionate and loyal as well as being highly trainable. They make excellent hunting, and companion dogs as well as family pets. – Geoffrey Antipa



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