Lillie The Wheaten Terrier Visited us in Carmichael

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Here at our Carmichael and Fair Oaks clinic we have a pic of a Wheaten Terrier named Lillie along with her happy human. The Wheaten Terrier gets its name from the curious color development of its coat. When pups are born they are a dark red, dark brown, dark mahogany or white. As they mature their coats lighten to the color of wheat while retaining some of the darker guard coat hairs especially around the face and muzzle. The Wheaten was developed in Ireland over several hundred years as an all around utility dog for herding livestock, guarding, and vermin control. The soft coat Wheaten Terrier as we know it comes in several coat varieties, the oldest and most common in Ireland being very long and silky with a wavy appearance with has a beautiful rippling sheen. The American and English hair type is more dense and coiled up and referred to as simply ‘American coat’. When breeders cross the American with pure Irish, the result is called ‘Heavy Irish’. Wheatens are active, very smart, highly trainable, co-operative and good with people and children. Remember, however, they have a terrier background so plan to socialize them early to other small animals in order to insure harmony between them. This is an interesting dog which can make a great family pet. – Geoffrey Antipa



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