Sassy The Standard Poodle Visited us in Roseville/Rocklin

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Sassy is a Standard Poodle who brought her human to our Rocklin Roseville pet vaccination clinic. Standard Poodles, with their refined bone structure and curly hair, look like they would be just over-sized house dogs but in fact they were and still can be very effective working and hunting dogs as well as companion dogs. The Poodle originated in 15’th century Germany as ‘Pudelhund’ and, as the name implies, was a working water dog. They are still used as hunting retrievers, their dense coat is nearly waterproof and they love water. In spite of the hairy appearance, all Poodles shed minimally and are considered hypoallergenic though they do require grooming or clipping. Intelligence, trainability and close interaction with the owner is characteristic of Standard Poodles but it is important to remember that these Poodles are definitely not just bigger versions of the common smaller pet Poodles. The Standard is a real working dog with the characteristics of other self-reliant and independent-minded large dogs. This means that the Standard, in contrast to it’s smaller relatives should be trained consistently and thoughtfully. The Standard Poodle should be socialized to people and other pets as this breed can be somewhat aloof and wary of strangers. – Geoffrey Antipa



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