Leo and Ella Both Visited us in Placerville

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These two giant pups in the arms of their humans from the Placerville clinic are named Leo and Ella. If we have the order correct, Leo is the young White Shepherd and Ella is the Akita. While a White Shepherd may look like a Husky, the breeding is pure German Shepherd: The white color is a recessive characteristic which has been alternately sought after and avoided and finally desired again and is now considered by the UKC to be it’s own breed though not recognized by the AKC. The Akita is a Spitz type dog from Japan which has all the typical cold weather adaptations of northern and Arctic dogs – a thick double coat, small triangular ears and small eyes. Additionally, the Akita is known for its curled tail which it carries over its back at all times. Unfortunately, we can’t see Ella’s tail so when she comes back for next month’s shots we’ll try to take another picture including her profile. – Geoffrey Antipa



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