Sophie the Doxie Chihuahua Mix Visited us in Citrus Heights

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At our Citrus Heights and Roseville Clinic, we met Sophie the Doxie Chihuahua mix and her human. Sophie has the long back of a Dachshund, typical Doxie coloring, the face of a Chihuahua mix and the straight legs of a Chihuahua. The long hair could come from either breed as there are both long haired Dachshunds and long-haired Chihuahuas. Sophie is probably a nice combination of breed traits as the Chihuahua is well known for being extra protective of itself while the Dachshund is known for just the opposite – being feisty and unconcerned with its small size. The Chihuahua has a history as a pet dog and both Standard and Miniature Doxies have a history as a working dog – the full sized for hunting badger and the miniature for hunting rabbits. One thing for sure, Sophie has a good reason to keep her human busy and her human is definitely up to the challenge. We have written often of the advantages of crossbred pets and Sophie is just one more example of how well a crossbred can work out so please when you are considering a new pet, remember all those crossbreds just waiting at the animal shelter for the right human to come along and bring one home – Geoffrey Antipa



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