China the Bull Terrier Visited us in Elk Grove

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Here at our Elk Grove clinic, we have a picture of China who is a fairly uncommon bulldog type called Bull Terrier. China is young and has yet to develop her full adult size and proportions but the characteristic oval head with no stop in the line of the muzzle is clearly visible. Dating back to the early 1800s, breeders in England began to cross the original Old English Bulldog (now extinct) with the English Terrier with the intent of producing a multi-purpose dog which could serve as an effective vermin controller and also be a more agile blood sports fighter. These poorly refined dogs were known as ‘Bull and Terrier’ dogs and were fairly difficult to handle. Eventually these ‘Bull and Terriers’ were refined into the Staffordshire Bull Terrier we know today as ‘Pit Bull’ In addition, in the mid 19th century some Bull and Terrier dogs were bred with the Dalmatian to produce a white Bull Terrier which was eventually crossed with the English White Terrier to produce the dog we know today as the English Bull Terrier. It’s current egg-shaped head and triangular eyes were developed in the late 19’th and early 20’th century by James Hinks in England who also strove to develop a white bloodline. These dogs have a more moderate temperament than Bulldogs and Pitbulls but still should be carefully socialized to people and other pets. The white pups, like pups of many other white breeds, should be checked for deafness. – Geoffrey Antipa



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