Murphy the Lhasa Apso Visited Our Lodi Clinic

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Here we are at our Lodi vaccination clinic and we have a picture of Murphy the Lhasa Apso and his owner. People are often confused about the difference between the Lhasa and the Shih-Tzu and they are similar but there are physical and temperamental differences. While the Shih-Tzu was always intended as a pet dog in the palaces of China, the Lhasa Apso comes from the Lhasa region of Tibet where it was used as a sentry dog by Tibetan nobility and by Buddhist monasteries. In appearance, the Lhasa has a longer more typical head than the exaggerated short brachycephalic head of the Shih-Tzu. Because of its the original duty as an alert dog, the temperament of the Lhasa is a little more wary of strangers and other animals so requires a bit more socialization than does the Shih-Tzu. – Geoffrey Antipa



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