Gizmo the Dachshund Visited us in Rancho Cordova

Here at our Rancho Cordova clinic, we have a picture of a striking Doxie named Gizmo and his human. Gizmo is as well behaved as he is beautiful with his long silky red coat. Dachshunds come in smooth coat, long silky coat, wire coat and a wide variety of colors. The common colors include black/tan, red, shaded color with black back hairs and merle or dapple.
A very long time ago Miniature Doxies (Dacshshuds) were simply runts of regular litters but have since been intentionally bred by crossing regular Doxies with Toy Terriers, Mini Schnauzers, Papillion and Min Pinschers. One result of this crossing is that the Minis do not have exactly the same personality traits of their original full-sized Doxi predecessors. In particular, they seem a little more affectionate and a little less stubborn than their feisty and badger hunting forebearers. – Geoffrey Antipa



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