Peanut the Chihuahua Visited us in Orangevale

Here at our Orangevale and Fair Oaks vaccination clinic, we have a picture of Peanut the Chihuahua and her human.  Chihuahuas are an ancient breed from Mesoamerica dating to at least 300BC.  Considering their origins, it is clear why they have heat tolerant adaptations like fine slender limbs which shed heat, a thin and sometimes minimal hair coat, and large thin-skinned ears with plenty of vasculature at the surface from which heat can be easily dissipated.  The Chihuahua is among the smallest of all dogs and those with the most slender builds are extremely vulnerable to physical damage like broken legs.  As a protective behavior developed over the ages, Chihuahuas can be very aggressive about self-protection and when in an unfamiliar or threatening environment can bite without provocation.  In the case of Peanut, he has a secure relationship with his protective and caring human and he is clearly relaxed and happy in his human’s loving arms – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogand



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