Kailee the Labradoodle Visited us in Rocklin/Roseville

Here at our Rocklin and Roseville clinic we have a picture of a Labradoodle named Kailee.  The Labradoodle is not exactly a breed, but is what’s known as a Designer Dog.  In the case of the Labradoodle, the component breeds are Labrador (black or golden) and Standard Poodle.  This breeding was conceived of as a smart, gentle and trainable big dog which could serve as an assistance or service dog in the original sense of the term in that they are large and capable of offering real assistance to disabled people.  The Designer Dog category is not a breed, but is a specific group of crossbreds which are bred for specific characterisitcs.  What this means is that because each individual designer puppy is the first generation offspring of a crossbreeding, the appearance can be that of either parent or a combination of both.  Thus it is that we often see Labradoodles which have curly Poodle like hair but in Kailee’s case we see a Labradoodle which has the coat of its Labrador parent.  This type of variablilty is to be expected of Designer dogs and that’s all part of the fun 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com



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