Batty the Chinese Crested Visited us in North Highlands

From our North Highlands clinic we have this picture of the Batty and his happy human.  Look at Batty’s hair coat. . . There isn’t one!  But look at his skin and see that it is perfectly and 100% healthy and that tells us that he is hairless by design and that means that he is a fairly rare breed called Chinese Crested.  The Chinese Crested is probably derived from an African Hairless with some Mexican hairless genetics thrown in. There are both hairless and ‘Powder Puff’ varieties born within the same litter. The genetics for hairless are dominant but a homozygous dominant pup will never survive so the Cresteds we know are all heterozygous for the dominant hairless trait and this is called incomplete dominance of the gene.  Thus it is that the amount of hair which a hairless grows is extremely variable from almost none (true hairless) to the ‘hairy hairless’ which can grow so much hair as to appear almost normally coated.  There is also a ‘Powder Puff variety of Crested which has long silky hair distributed over the whole body or restricted to only some areas.  For fans of pop history: Gypsy Rose Lee raised these dogs and after her death her dogs became an integral part of the lineage of every Crested since that time. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots – Geoffrey Antipa



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