Max The Cocker-Spaniel Visited us in Pittsburg

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Here’s a picture from Pittsburg of a good looking Cocker Spaniel named Max and his human taxi. Cocker Spaniels were very popular in the mid ’20th century and for a long time we didn’t see many at our clinics but they seem to be back on the radar now. The breed dates to the 14’th century and is so named because they were bred to hunt woodcocks and probably originated in Spain. The modern Cockers are divided into the larger English and the smaller American Cocker Spaniels. Additionally there are the smaller King Charles Spaniels and the larger Springer Spaniels. Like most hunting dogs they have long drooping ears but the Cocker ears also have long silky or curly hair which predisposes them to a variety of ear problems and infections. Though they were originally working dogs, today’s Cocker Spaniels make excellent and affectionate pets. – Geoffrey Antipa



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