Chico The Chihuahua Visited us in Atwater

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Here at our Atwater clinic is a picture of a very lucky Chihuahua named Chico and his proud young human. The Chihuahua has been a favorite pet breed from the area of Mexico and Central America for thousands of years. Over this long history they have become very small and as an adaptation to the heat of Mesoamerica they have developed a fine and light skeleton. This means that the Chihuahua, in addition to being one of the smallest breeds is also one of the most fragile. It is not surprising that the Chihuahua has very strong self protective instincts and is well known for biting without apparent justification when worried or approached by strangers. The best environment for a Chihuahua always includes a human the dog trusts, a feeling of security and comfort and above all, love and patience. Chico is lucky to have a loving and devoted young human and here’s to wishing them a long and happy life together. – Geoffrey Antipa



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