Ollie The Border Collie Mix Visited us in Galt

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Ollie is a Border Collie mix who we saw at our Galt clinic. It turns out that we see a lot of Border Collie mixes and in fact, it seems that one of our own dogs is probably a Border Collie mix! The Border Collie is a well known and loved breed which has been a working dog in the English-Scottish border area for 130 years. As is the case with all of the English/Scottish terriers and collies, the Border Collie is a fantastic pet which is as well known for it’s loving and dedicated temperament as it is known for its razor-sharp intelligence. Border Collies and their crosses are always fast learners and very close to their humans. They are also healthy, problem-free, and long-lived. Crossbred dogs are always a good bet and a crossbred Collie or Border Collie is one of the best. Border Collies are easy and fun to train and Ollie is at just the right age to do his early training. – Geoffrey Antipa



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