Luna the Mini Aussie Visited us in Sacramento

See dogs with very old history and some which have been developed only recently.

Here’s a wonderfully good tempered Mini Aussie named Luna who was photographed at one of our Sacramento clinics. The regular sized Australian Shepherd is a famous and popular herding dog which just happens to be among the smartes of all dog breeds. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is just what its name implies – a line of dogs bred from the smallest regular Australian Shepherds for use as a house pet. This new and increasingly popular breed was developed in California beginning in 1968 and is a delightful, smart and willing pet. It is reported by a friend of mine that his Mini still has enough herding instinct that it won’t let father and son joggers drift too far apart before the dog begins herding maneuvers to crowd them back together. And the dog is smart, sweet-tempered and healthy, so what else can we ask for? – Geoffrey Antipa



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