Winston the Cardigan Corgi Visited us in West Sacramento

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From our West Sacramento clinic, we have a picture of Winston the Cardigan Corgi and two of his best humans. The Corgi is a breed we don’t see a lot of but every time we do we are impressed by their co-operative and pleasant nature. That is not a surprise as they have been working and farm dogs for 1,000 years! The Corgi figures in Welsh folklore as the mount of tiny woodland fairy warriors and the white markings are said to be left from the marks of the fairy harness on the dog. These herding dogs are brave enough to nip at the heels of cattle and Welsh Ponies and in the event that one of the herd turns back it can expect a nip on the nose! They are also trusted as guardians of the family children. After 1934 the Corgies were divided into two breeds: The older but less common Cardigan Corgi is larger, comes in more colors, has a double coat with a harsh outer layer and has a tail. The Pembroke, like Winston pictured here, is smaller, has a smoother coat, a foxy face and is naturally born with a bobbed tail. It would be nice to see more of these dogs as Corgies make good, active and long-lived family pets. – Geoffrey Antipa



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