Canela The Chihuahua Visited Our Natomas Clinic

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Canela, from the Natomas area of Sacramento, is another example of the most common breed we see at our clinics – the Chihuahua. These dogs are popular for several reasons: One is that they are the smallest of all the dogs and small equals cute and especially when they are puppies. Another is familiarity: The Chihuahua has been a pet dog favorite in Mesoamerica for over 2,000 years and still retains its familiarity and popularity there and here. They come in all colors and two distinctly different hair types and also two distinct head types, the apple head and the deer head. The important thing to remember about them is that along with their remarkably small size and fine bones comes the problem of fragility. Probably as a result of thousands of years of caution for their own safety the Chihuahua has developed perhaps the most self protective personality of all the breeds. This means that when startled, worried or in a strange environment, the Chihuahua is prone to unprovoked biting and as a result we find that many of the bites reported to us by individuals and Animal Controls involve Chihuahuas. Often the best environment for a Chihuahua is calm, reassuring, predictable and trusting. Under these circumstances a Chihuahua can relax, stop worrying about itself and just enjoy a happy relationship with the human it trusts. – Geoffrey Antipa



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