Bella The Goldendoodle Visited us in Rancho Cordova

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Here at our Rancho Cordova vaccination clinic is a picture of one of our favorite big-dog breeds, the Goldendoodle. Bella is such a great dog that she keeps not one, but two humans in attendance! The Goldendoodle is, as its name implies, a mixture of Golden Retriever and Poodle (Standard size). THis combination is a common one and is one of the newer dogs we call ‘designer dogs’. This type of dog is not a discrete and recognized breed, but is the result of the intentional cross of two established breeds with the intent of bringing the best characteristics of both breeds together in one puppy and that is the ‘designer dog’. If a breeder continues to breed the same types or practices line breeding, the resultant dogs can become very consistent and predictable in terms of appearance and temperament and at that time an effort could be made to gain breed recognition by the major kennel clubs. At any rate, the Goldendoodle has all the best characteristics of two remarkable breeds. Retrievers are without doubt the most calm and loving of all the big dogs while poodles are among the smartest and most trainable of all the big dogs. THe hair coat can be more like the Poodle as we see on Bella or it can be shorter and rough and in most cases it does not shed which is a characteristic of the Poodle coat. These make great pets: THey are loving, co-operative, trainable, safe and steady. What more can be asked of a large family pet? – Geoffrey Antipa



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