Cali the Mini Doxie Visited Our Folsom Clinic

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Here at our Folsom clinic is a picture of Cali the Mini Doxie and her human. The Dachshund breed has its ancestral roots in ancient times and has its more contemporary roots in 15th century Germany. The breed is unusual in that it includes both hound-like characteristics and also terrier like characteristics. In the Dachshund these traits combine to produce a dog which not only loves to hunt, but specifically has the terrier-like tenacity to follow badger into its den and fight it on its own turf. Needless to say, the extremely short legs and long back facilitate the dog fitting into the burrow of their prey. As stated, Cali is a Miniature Dachshund and these are a bit of a combination because they were originally simply the runt of the regular Doxi litter and used for hunting hare rather than badger. However, the Miniature has continued to be specifically bred for its size and for suitability as a pet dog and so has a more calm and somewhat more complacent personality than its feisty and stubborn full-sized original. – Geoffrey Antipa



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