Zoey the Walker Hound Visited Our Auburn Location

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At Auburn and AHHHHHH! What happened to this picture? Looks like the wrong one got deleted so we owe Zoey and her human another portrait. We are posting this picture anyway because a Walker Hound is just too good a dog to pass up, so here goes: The full name of this breed is Treeing Walker Coonhound or just Walker Hound. Walkers are a strain of the American Foxhound and they have almost the same characteristics except instead of the following fox, they were bred to follow a wide variety of prey and to tree the smaller ones (raccoon). Their sonorous bay is loud, musical and changes its nature when their prey is treed and that serves as a signal to the hunters with whom the hound is working. These are great dogs and make great pets. Personal observation – one of the best dogs I’ve ever had was a Walker cross. Expect a kind, gentle, loving and sensitive pet with a superb nose, the sky-high requirement for exercise and a completely single-minded focus when on the trail of prey. Be sure to maintain your fences because Walkers, like all hounds, can be hard to keep home. – Geoffrey Antipa



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