Blue the Great Dane Visited us in Brentwood

Here we are at our Brentwood clinic and this picture of Blue and his human reminds us why my achin’ back loves these dogs – don’t have to bend over to vaccinate them! There are Great Dane-like dogs on Egyptian monuments from 3,000 BC and Greek frescoes dating to 1,500 BC.  It is assumed that today’s Danes are derived from the ancient Greek Molossor dogs which were war dogs.  The breed as we know it dates to 16’th century (AD) Europe and continued development to the 19’th century when they were known as ‘German Boar Dogs.’  It is curious that this breed with its ancient warrior history and its recent boar-hunting history has the sweet temperament for which they are so well known today.   These gentle giants are good with people, families and other animals and not known for any aggressive surprises..  The only bad news is that the lifespan of a Great Dane averages only 6 to 8 years.  The  Guinness Record tallest dog is a Great Dane 44 inches from the ground to shoulder top. – Geoffrey Antipa



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