Ronin the Akita Mix Visited us in Elk Grove

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Ronin is a sturdy mix of Akita and Chow Chow who brought his proud human with him to our Elk Grove clinic. Ronin is definitely a perfect example of the Asian-type Spitz dogs which have all the adaptations necessary to work in the cold arctic and sub arctic regions. Spitz dogs have a dense double coat, they have short triangular ears and small eyes. Though it may not be a cold adaptation, the Spitz dogs all carry their tails proudly curled over their back. Ronin is a mixture of Chow which is originally a Chinese guard dog, Akita which is a Japanese guard dog and although the owner did not say so, Ronin also has a classic Shiba-Inu face and head. The Shiba-Inu is a smaller Japanese Spitz dog which is more active and agile than either the Chow or Akita. All of these dogs should be trained thoughtfully and consistently as they share a common waryness towards strangers. – Geoffrey Antipa



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