Lucy the Queensland Mix Visited us North Highlands

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Its North Highlands and WOW! look at those legs. Lucy is a mixed Queensland but she is poised to hit a growth phase which will quickly transform her from her human’s carry-on to a nice big well balanced cattle dog. Queensland Heelers are also known as Red Heelers and Blue Heelers and are the direct descendants of Australian herding dogs crossed with tamed Dingos. They are one of the groups of Australian Cattle dogs but are NOT the same breed as the Australian Shepherd which was developed in the American West from entirely different stock. All the cattle dogs are among the smartest and most trainable of all our canine friends. They are loyal and rewarding to work with and can be as close to their human as they are smart. It is obvious that Lucy and her lucky human are in for a long and rewarding relationship. – Geoffrey Antipa



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