Moly The Miniature Poodle Visited us In Rancho Cordova

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This Miniature Poodle puppy named Molly brought her human helper with her to our Rancho Cordova vaccination clinic. Miniature Poodles, when fully grown, are typically between 11 to 15 inches tall (at the shoulder) and have a completely different background and use from the large Standard Poodles which were the original working Poodle originally intended for hunting waterfowl. The Miniature Poodles do not have affinity for water, nor do they have a prey drive because they were bred to find and dig truffles! Before the use of Poodles for truffle hunting, pigs had traditionally been used for this purpose. The problem was that pigs do terrible damage to the ground in their frantic effort to dig truffles so truffle collectors crossed local terriers with the Standard Poodle to produce an intelligent and less destructive truffle hunter. Miniature Poodles quickly became a house and lap-dog associated favorite with middle and upper class ladies of England and France and today they still make the best of pets. – Geoffrey Antipa



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