Kona is a Mixed Breed Who Visited Us In Folsom

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Here at our Folsom clinic is a picture of Kona with her loyal human. Kona is a mixed breed consisting primarily of the remarkable Newfoundland Dog. The Newfoundland is one of the oldest surviving Molusser Dogs, having been bred in the Newfoundland region of Eastern Canada since at least the 16th century. The indigenous dogs of Newfoundland, known as the St John’s Dog or Lesser Newfoundland were probably crossed with the Portuguese Mastiff by Portuguese fishermen and have many traits of other mastiffs like St Bernard, English Mastiff and also the Great Pyrenees. They have always been bred for size, strength, calm disposition and comfort with work in water. The Newfoundland has large bones, large webbed paws, a long thick and oily water-repellent coat and an innate ability to recognize the distress of animals or people in the water and to rescue them. The accounts of Newfoundlands performing astonishing lifesaving feats range from local Newfoundland fishermen to Napoleon off the coast of Elba and most recently to a drowning man in the Yuba River. This last save was performed by a 10 month old dog who had absolutely no rescue training and no experience working in water! This is a truly remarkable dog with a temperament suitable for working and watching over people and children. The downside is that their coat sheds in enormous quantities, they have big drooling lips and they may suffer from physical problems which often limit their lifespan to 10-12 years. When it comes to going for a swim, Kona is the type of dog to have around! – Geoffrey Antipa



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