Radar The Pointer-Poo Visited us in Placerville

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Here at our Placerville clinic, we have a breed we’ll just have to call a Pointer-Poo! That’s right, Radar is an intentional cross between a Pointer and Standard Poodle. Like just about all the designer dogs which include Poodle breeding, Radar is a great dog. The reason that the new ‘designer dogs’ which are based on Poodle breeding are so popular is that they include the best physical and temperamental characteristics. Dogs with Poodle in their breeding usually don’t shed, are almost always beyond smart and can be trusted to be reliable and safe. These are the best characteristics of either of the parental breeds and the result is a predictably good and healthy dog. The larger designer dogs like Radar are always a delight to have around and crosses like this should be on everybody’s short list for a good, big dog. – Geoffrey Antipa



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