Harper The Red Bone Coon Hound Visited Us In Auburn

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The Coonhound types are some of the nicest members of the dog world, and Harper, seen here at our Auburn vaccination clinic, is no exception. These are American bred working dogs and are some of the best hunters out there. The Redbone Coonhound shares ancestry with the Coonhound and other hounds developed in the Tennessee/North Carolina area of the American Southeast. In the 18th century, Foxhounds, Bloodhounds, Beagles and other scent hunters were brought from Great Britain and France for use mostly as sport hunting dogs. By the late 18’th century the Foxhound crosses had become larger and more persistent about chasing their quarry and the treeing hounds like Coonhound and Treeing Walker Coohnound became a group of the hounds specifically used for hunting raccoon. In the late 18th century red colored Foxhounds from Scotland entered the breeding pool and then during the early to mid 19th century breeders used other Foxhounds and Bloodhounds to develop the earliest Redbone hounds. While Redbone hounds are red, their name actually name derives from an early breeder named Peter Redbone. Like all hounds, Redbones are affectonate and gentle but obsessed with chasing small prey. All hounds are noisy but the Redbone Coonhound may be even a little more vocal than most and like all hounds will find a way out of the yard if possible. – Geoffrey Antipa




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