Banjo The Yellow Lab Visited Our Roseville-Rocklin Clinic

Here at our Rocklin Roseville clinic, we have a pic of Banjo the Yellow Lab along with his Human. Banjo is a perfect reminder why, among all the large dogs, Labs (and Retrievers) are the most popular. These are among the most consistent, reliable and safe of all the big family dogs. Labrador Retrievers or just ‘Labs’ are derived from the St John’s dog of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. In the early 19th century they served as land and water retrievers and general hunting dogs with a special affinity for water. The modern Labrador Retrievers fall into two subtypes: The heavier boned and longer haired English show dogs and the lighter boned and agiler American field or working dogs. Both types appear commonly in America and are noted for their gentle disposition as well as trainability and skill at many tasks. The original colors were all black and then all yellow. Since the 1930s the breed has also come to include the chocolate color. When we are going to see a big dog at our clinics there is no breed we appreciate more than the steady, safe and reliable Labrador. – Geoffrey Antipa



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