Marie The Calico Visited Us In Natomas

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We were at our Sacramento clinic in the Natomas area when we found this rare opportunity to photograph a cat with no risk of escape. Marie is a Calico which includes three colors. The 3 colors that make the typical calico coloring are black and orange-brown on white. We often refer to ‘Calico’ as a breed but it is actually a color. The body type is consistent and the hair coat is usually short. The genetics of calico color are sex-linked (ya gotta be a double-X in order for the complicated genetics of the various colors to interact) so calicos are females. Because males have only one X chromosome (and one Y) the interaction between colors does not happen and often the brothers of calico females are just orange or orange tabby but that is not a sex-linked color so there are also female orange tabbies. Is that simple? – Geoffrey Antipa



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