Snowy The Saluki Visited Us In Elk Grove

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Here at our Elk Grove vaccination clinic, we have a picture of Snowy the Desert Hunting Dog or Saluki. Even cradled in her owner’s arms it is easy to see the long legs and deep chest for the impressive heart and lungs which power this 40mph running machine. The Saluki is a sighthound from the area known as Persia which includes present-day Iran and the whole fertile crescent. Depictions of dogs like the Saluki are found on Mesopotamian pottery dating back 6,000 years. These dogs were and still are used to hunt game like hare, fox, gazelle, and jackal. All sighthounds share prominent physical traits such as the narrow profile, deep chest and long legs giving them a similar body type to that of the greyhound. These physical attributes are used by the Saluki and all sighthounds to visually find prey and chase it to the point of exhaustion at which point the hunters can descend upon the prey for the kill. The Saluki and similar dogs appear in the Egyptian record around 4,000 years ago and it is apparent that the breed was carried along the silk road from Persia to China in the 14th or 15th century. Salukis are a healthy breed and long-lived but as they are hunting dogs they have a somewhat reserved attitude about people and strangers. Additionally, in contrast to many modern hunting dogs which are bred to be trained by and to work closely with their hunting master, the Saluki is relatively harder to train and relatively independent. – Geoffrey Antipa



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