Bandit The Mixed Pup Visited Us In Orangevale

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Here at Orangevale clinic, we have an unusual combination: Bandit is a cross between Boston Bull Terrier and Pitbull Terrier – there has to be a story behind that! The Pitbull, as we all know has a history as a sporting breed in the bull baiting and dog fighting pits of 19th century England. The Boston Terrier has a history as a pet dog but the surprising thing is that they both derive from the same ancestors but were bred for different purposes. The original Old English Bulldog is an ancestor to them both as well as a fair mixture of Terrier. This is why the small pet Boston still retains a compact stout body with a massive neck and head muscles for its size. The Bulldogs all come from England but the Boston Terrier does indeed come from Boston, Ma and were bred around 1870 specifically as a pet breed. The lineage includes English Bulldog, a variety of Terriers and some French Bulldog. Bostons love human companionship, are affectionate, smart, trainable and occasionally stubborn. We’ve had 2 and love them and can attest to their great suitability as a family pet. – Geoffrey Antipa



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