Max The English Spaniel Visited Our Freeport Clinic

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Darn! He Blinked. Seen at our Sacramento clinic in the Freeport area, Max is a beautiful example of the English Springer Spaniel. The English Springer Spaniel is one of the Spaniel breeds used for flushing and retrieving game (springing fowl into the air). Within the breed, there are two distinct bloodlines. The shorter, heavy boned, heavy coated and long-eared show line and the taller, finer boned and light coated working line. Though they are the same breed, the two types are completely segregated from each other when it comes to purpose. They are both good-natured, intelligent and obedient and make good pets. The field-working type has a slightly more stable personality than the show type and they all have the potential for ear infections which result from the long hair and long ears. – Geoffrey Antipa



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