Red Nose Pit Bull Named Avion Visited Us Near College Greens

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Here in the College Greens district of Sacramento, we have a Red Nose Pit Bull named Avion. This was the second month we’ve seen Avion and we wanted his picture because his disposition is so sweet and his relationship to his human is so good that we wanted to take note. We all know that before the mid 19th century in England this breed was used for betting on the blood sport of bull baiting. It has been a long time since then and now we can find that there are some bloodlines of Pit Bulls which have been intentionally bred for their improved temperament and their improved social demeanor. Avion is a remarkably good looking and well-behaved pup and now that he has a loving relationship with his human it is time for his training and socialization. Pit Bulls who have learned to be calm around other dogs and who have learned to listen to their human can be a good pet and can be safe to have around. Just remember how important it is to do consistent training and constant socialization. – Geoffrey Antipa



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