This Havanese Named Cookie Visited Us In Rancho Cordova

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This Havanese named Cookie brought her human family along for her vaccinations at our Rancho Cordova clinic. This picture is a demonstration of how wonderful some breeds can be as family pets and pals for the children. The Havanese is a Bichon dog which derives from the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana of Cuba and that dog was derived from the now extinct Bichon Tenerife from the island of Tenerife. The current Havanese includes some Poodle genetics and is sometimes known as the Havana Silk Dog which is the same name used for its predecessor. The population of Havanese in the US almost dropped to zero after the Cuban revolution but as some dogs made it off the island through international routes, they made a comeback in the US and are now quite popular. These are happy and well-adjusted dogs which walk with a naturally springy gait and love their owners. The Havanese has always been and always will be a dedicated pet dog and will not do well in an environment without constant human companionship. The hair speaks for itself. There’s plenty of it and it doesn’t stop so grooming and clipping is a constant way of life for owners of these dogs. But it’s worth the effort 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa



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